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Here are the answers to questions that I commonly get

Q.  What information do you need from me?
A.  When you contact me to inquire about setting up an appointment, this is what I would like from you:
 today's date, the day you would like your appointment, appointment time, length of appointment you wish to book, and location.  I offer incalls and outcalls…whichever you prefer. 
I do have a screening process in place, for both my safety and yours:

Screening Option #1: preffered411#

Screening Option #2: 3 provider references - please include current contact information for each provider

Screening Option #3: Employment - name of employer, work #, work email, website of workplace

Q.  What exactly do you do during the time you spend with somebody?
A.  We sit and watch have a drink while we watch tv and get to know each other. Or watch some of my movies on line. what we decide to do is strictly between you and me. We are the artists and our time together is our canvas.

Q.  Isn’t $300- $2000+ a lot of money?

My clients form an exclusive group for whom such expenditure is not a severe burden. I would never want money to interfere with enjoyment. Suffice it to say that my clients, individually and as a group, indicated that they believe our time together is a good value

Q.  Do you offer discounts?
A.  Yes - For military personnel with valid ID = $20 off per session
B. members of my site= 20$ off per session

C.your birthday -with valid ID 

Q.  Are your rates negotiable?
A.  Absolutely not, so please do not ask me

Q.  Do you visits with couples?
A.  Absolutely!  I actually love couples. It’s up to the couple how they would like to schedule and use their time so please discuss this with each other ahead of time so our time together is meaningful.

Q.  Can I discuss your rates with you over the phone or via text or via email if I’m not sure?

 A.  You must never discuss rates with me as all the business info regarding our time together is clearly listed here on this site.  My rates cover our personal time together and nothing more.  How we choose to spend that time is between us.

Q.  Where do I leave the donation when we meet? Do I wait for you to ask for it?
A.  Please leave your CORRECT donation in the table upon arrival. Do not mention the donation in anyway way, shape or form before, during or after our time together. Again, it is for time and companionship only.

Q.  Do you cater to special needs or fetishes?
A.  I can accommodate many needs and fetishes. Although these are things discussed during our session, not ahead of time, sorry. If both parties feel comfortable we can continue from there.

Q.  May I contact you via text?
A.  Yes, although email usually seems to be the most effective.  A quick voice mail works well too and I can return the message in the fashion you most prefer – email/phone/text. Texts can be sent to 720-476-8536

What you should expect prior to our meeting:

During the course of our initial email exchange and subsequent conversation, you will discover a down to earth, articulate and reliable t-girl whom you can trust. You will encounter someone who is elegant, graceful and attractive, whose mind is as sharp as a tack and whose physique is youthful and pleasing to the eye.
There are certain basic rules and procedures I have outlined below in order to save us both some precious time and allow us to focus on the fun part…

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