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Here are the answers to questions that I commonly get

Q.  What information do you need from me?
A.  When you contact me to inquire about setting up an appointment, this is what I would like from you:
 today's date, the day you would like your appointment, appointment time, length of appointment you wish to book, and location.  I offer incalls and outcalls…whichever you prefer. 
I do have a screening process in place, for both my safety and yours:

Screening Option #1: preffered411#

Screening Option #2: 3 provider references - please include current contact information for each provider

Screening Option #3: Employment - name of employer, work #, work email, website of workplace

Q.  What exactly do you do during the time you spend with somebody?
A.  We sit and watch have a drink while we watch tv and get to know each other. Or watch some of my movies on line. what we decide to do is strictly between you and me. We are the artists and our time together is our canvas.

Q.  Isn’t $300- $2000+ a lot of money?

My clients form an exclusive group for whom such expenditure is not a severe burden. I would never want money to interfere with enjoyment. Suffice it to say that my clients, individually and as a group, indicated that they believe our time together is a good value

Q.  Do you offer discounts?
A.  Yes - For military personnel with valid ID = $20 off per session
B. members of my site= 20$ off per session

C.your birthday -with valid ID 

Q.  Are your rates negotiable?
A.  Absolutely not, so please do not ask me

Q.  Do you visits with couples?
A.  Absolutely!  I actually love couples. It’s up to the couple how they would like to schedule and use their time so please discuss this with each other ahead of time so our time together is meaningful.

Q.  Can I discuss your rates with you over the phone or via text or via email if I’m not sure?

 A.  You must never discuss rates with me as all the business info regarding our time together is clearly listed here on this site.  My rates cover our personal time together and nothing more.  How we choose to spend that time is between us.

Q.  Where do I leave the donation when we meet? Do I wait for you to ask for it?
A.  Please leave your CORRECT donation in the table upon arrival. Do not mention the donation in anyway way, shape or form before, during or after our time together. Again, it is for time and companionship only.

Q.  Do you cater to special needs or fetishes?
A.  I can accommodate many needs and fetishes. Although these are things discussed during our session, not ahead of time, sorry. If both parties feel comfortable we can continue from there.

Q.  May I contact you via text?
A.  Yes, although email usually seems to be the most effective.  A quick voice mail works well too and I can return the message in the fashion you most prefer – email/phone/text. Texts can be sent to 720-476-8536

What you should expect prior to our meeting:

During the course of our initial email exchange and subsequent conversation, you will discover a down to earth, articulate and reliable t-girl whom you can trust. You will encounter someone who is elegant, graceful and attractive, whose mind is as sharp as a tack and whose physique is youthful and pleasing to the eye.
There are certain basic rules and procedures I have outlined below in order to save us both some precious time and allow us to focus on the fun part…

Address your own question

1. Hey sexy do you like to dominate. Can you do a rape fantasy.
2. Do you work with guys that are a heavyset
3. First off, you are indeed gorgeous and I would love to be with you. But why does your site advertise video and naughty pics, but has no video and pics I could see for free anywhere on line.
4. You are so hot I would love to see the real you and not the toy baby.
5. Love massage and force in question 2 is that acceptable . ? Pleases let me know
6. Do you do long, slow make out sessions that feel unrushed?
7. if i wanna meet were u live?
8. do u always get hard? do you always cum?
9. do you work with other providers
10. do you see couples
11. do u ever have unprotected sex
12. Do you like men who body worship? Do you like telling men what to do?
13. What is your favorite position?
14. When you are in charge,(DOM) what is your favorite sexAct?
15. I have a fantacy of a lady like you in heels and stockings laying me over the edge of the bed and face fucking me real slow. Is this something you do?
16. You say you have girlfriends? Are they like you? Are they here in Denver?
17. What do you like men dressed like for you? If you have your way how would I dress for you to make you happy?
18. If your receiving oral on your big cock what position do you like it in? Standing, sitting, laying down?
19. What are your favorite heels to wear?
20. Are the legs on shoulders position with you on top?
21. If you have your choice? Top or bottom?
22. Do you prefer shaved men or natural?
23. Do you like a man that wears a jock strap for you to make it easy?
24. When you know you are having a guest over does it excite you as you skip on your stockings and heels knowing soon you will be getting services?
25. Do you turn your phone off during a meeting?
26. Some ladies like yourself do not last long. Can you go for a while when on top?
27. Do you wear cuban stockings if asked?
28. Hi Jessy, I would love to see you on skype sometime. I was wondering what your screen name was and how much a webcam session cost? Thanks, Paul
29. Are you into rimming? giving and receiving
30. If I meet you and cum to soon do you end the session or will you give me the full time?
31. What happens if you cum to fast will you ask me to leave early?
32. Can I suck u bb so I can savor the taste of ur cum?
33. How do I cancel my subscription?
34. Jessy, love your site and you are one sexy woman. I was trying to locate your donations info, but was not able to. I enjoy setting up a time with you when you visit Omaha next week. Thank you Steve
35. Where can I see what men, women and TS you work with?
36. Please let me know your donations please. I do not see it listed :)
37. i am 52 yr old straight male - never been with a ts - interested. do you accept first timers ? and what is the donation ?
38. Hi Jessy,What are your donation rates while you are in Omaha?
39. Tried to enter ur contest but pic will not upload........
40. Let me know your shoe size and tell me what you like on bakersshoes.com
41. How do I become a member? I would love to see you while your in Omaha.
42. I like the idea of being forced by you so is there a differance in rates between that a regular appointment?
43. Do you ever visit other cities in colorado. Like Grand Junction
44. Hey when are you going to be in Colorado
45. can u came t dubai honay?
46. I missed you in Omaha when will you be back I hope soon or late October early November for my b day.
47. What is your TER or P411 Id
48. would u like to be in a video with me ?
49. Wow your vid is so hot. What is your donation, sweetie?
50. wen is best time to meet/ do you like firsttimers?
51. how are you with firsttimers? Love your pics and want to try!
52. I'll be in denver at the end of sept. or the begining of oct. Will you be avialable?
53. Hello sexy. My name is Josh. Im a straight guy with a fantasy. Ive never been with a girl like you before. What are your rate?
54. Hi how r u? I have to say u r very sexy!! I was wondering when r u planning to come to Kansas city, mo area?
55. When will you be in Utah?
56. Are you versatile?
57. Dear Jessy, I'm writing to you in regard to my huband Kenny who has gone through major back surgery and is going to be laid up in bed for a long time. My husband is a very big fan of yours. I would like to ask if you could please send him an autograp
58. Jessy,I hope to see you this month. I love the pic come kiss me , them come suck my dick and to here you say tht was some nice ass. I saw that you were traveling but wondered if you were back the week of Sept. 17th or the first of ct?
59. When will you post more videos?
60. Do you have fall tour planned? Thanks!
61. When will you be in St. Louis? We are a couple who would like to hire you.
62. When will your other vids be ready?
63. Hi, when will you be back in the Colorado/New Mexico area? I'd like to schedule an appt.
64. When will you be posting the winners of the September competition?
65. Hey Jessy, nothing against you or your site, but I was wondering how I go about cancelling my membership?
66. You said your favorite is a rape fantasy. Would you tie me up, gag me, and rape me till you came?
67. I want to meet but your cell mailbox is full how else can I reach you
68. Would you be willing to a train style 4-way where you would be fucking me as I fuck another guy as he fucks a girl?
69. first timer wondering when you will be touring michigan id love for you to show me the bottom role (me being the bottom)
70. Where are you dear, I'm worried about you.
71. When will you post more videos? preferably you taking it from behind...
72. I hope to meet this week are u good w/ new guys
73. sshould we become fans now that u have a new site will ther be mre movies
74. do u do outcalls? how much for an hour?
75. I live near grand junction what are your rates for out here
76. Hello you are beautiful! What is your donation? Are busy tonight?
77. I think that you are stunning and I would really like to book some time with you.I want to book some time with you Monday or Tuesday. Can you make a reservation or is it best to call the day of? :*
78. do you answer questions to email or on this page
79. I was wondering if you are available for special sessions where you make me cum multiple times? Also, how much extra for outcalls in Aurora, CO?
80. Hey ur so sexy....I live in pueblo....would u b willing to come down here...I'd meet u at the hotel or what ever plz let me know I want u so bad
81. what are your rates, how much notice do you need? can you keep the toy out of sight for appt?
82. I am a first timer and was wondering what your rate would be?
83. I really enjoy your videos and think you are very sexy, are you going to be posting any new videos of you getting fucked hard and nasty?
84. Would you allow rimming on you. Also do you come to Grand Junction if not maybe brighton where i work
85. what is the GFE experience like
86. Do you mind if next time I see you I wear panties and stockings?
87. r u in dubai or denver :S
88. hi jessy iam in dubaio i cann tt reach for your moblie number so please sendfor me your number in dubai all call me 0556579217
89. Hi. I am interested in scheduling an appointment with you. I was wondering where your location is - I know it is in cherry creek, but is it possible to be more specific? I don't have a car, so I need to plan ahead. You don't have to post thi
90. What is the craziest thing you've ever been asked and ever done?
91. Can you cum from just receiving anal and no toy touching? If not do you know of guys or t-girls who can? I'm just curious if it is even possible.
92. Hey sexy. I am a multiple cummer and can stay hard after I cum. Is it a one shot deal meaning when I cum the first time our session is over? Just curious because my 2nd or even 3rd orgasms are generally the most intense.
93. hi when are you in dubai
94. Is it ever possible to arrange for a morning appointment? Afternoons and evenings are impossible for me, but mornings I can sometimes do.
95. Do you also do bdsm style domination? If so, what equipment do you have at your disposal?
96. Why don't you interact on twitter more?
97. For the models wanted will you do a young black male and if so will face be on camera
98. Do you like cross dressers and do you like to dominate them more than masculine men?
99. hi jessy are you in Dubai this week ? i dream to meet you.
100. The booking form doesn't appear on your booking page. Hoping to see you in Denver in early April. Also would be nice to get a phone # if you book by phone.
101. What are you rates, and can you keep the toy out of sight?
102. this would be my very first time, with a lady like you. For a first timer, can I just have you perform
103. Do you have a half hour rate?
104. when are there more video's cummming? Great top on Tube 8
105. can i suck u bb to taste ur cum
106. Do you have threesomes/foursomes? TS/Female
107. Do you consider yourself a female cause I do?
108. what is GFE?
109. are u always top? or do you do bottom?
110. whenis your new site cumming?
111. Hi Are u coming to dubai if yes please let me know
112. Is your fan club page have a charge to it or is it free, just want to know before signing up. Thanks
113. Do you every date outside work? Im a young guy looking for TS love. Is that possible?
114. whats your rates and do you do outcall
115. Do you give military discounts?
116. Do you accept credit cards, and are you available Sunday afternoon for a incall
117. I can not find any reviews on you.
118. Do you ever become friends with your clients and maybe hangout with them?
119. I was wondering if you did video and if i could see some of you work for examples and see if i want to use you in my upcoming shoot :)
120. Hi im looking for a 3some with me and two trannys can you help with that
121. what to expect in a session you? Please clarify!!!!!
122. can you hang out with me and my gf
123. do u like male or female
124. i want ur movie babe.where shall i pay the money
125. Two part question A) do you like to sit on faces? B) do you give or receive rim jibs?
126. Hello, I would like to know more about your modeling services... I would love to have you pose for some of my pictures
127. hy Jessy lovely website are you in dubai
128. How can I just get to talk to you and get to know you no sex just a regular talk?
129. Hey jesse I was wondering have u ever been in love before?
130. Hey jesse do you believe in love at first site?
131. Do you party or allow the guy you are with to party?
132. Do you have long toenails
133. Hey Jessy! I was wondering if you did any tours to Philadelphia and if you ever planned on visiting I would love to spend some time with you. I am a first timer to any TS interaction and I would love it to be with you.
134. Would you ever do a free session?
135. What kind of flowers do you like?
136. When u suck a dick can u make him cum???

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